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Simplify Your Finances With Quicken 2012

Oct 13, 2011
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Quicken 2012 is here and it’s really about bringing financial peace of mind to customers. Quicken helps lessen your worries about finances by offering a quick and clear look at your overall financial picture, all in one place.

It’s always been our goal to make personal finance management simpler, and the latest features do just that. Quicken 2012 is designed to ease people’s worries about money and keep them on track with day-to-day financial management, while planning for the future. The improved budget tool lets users take control of their financial lives and avoid costly mistakes, such as late fees, missed payments and over spending. Enhanced debt reduction and bill reminder tools allow you to plan for a fit financial future with the simplest, fastest and most powerful version of Quicken to date.

New and Improved Features in Quicken 2012:

  • Budget more easily: Get a better picture of where you stand with the redesigned budget tool. Quicken automatically creates a budget based on your top spending categories. Customize your budget in just one click – add additional categories, edit budget amounts or plan for a 12-month outlook. Plus, Quicken 2012 pulls in bill and income reminders, so you know exactly where you stand.
  • Eliminate debt: Create a customized debt reduction plan in just three steps. Choose the debt accounts you want to track, confirm or enter your interest rates and decide how much you can pay each month. The interactive tools show you how much interest you can save and how much earlier you can pay off debt.
  • Stay on top of bills: Streamlined set up auto-populates with bills and income from past transactions to help you avoid late fees and project future account balances.
  • Accept transactions automatically: Save time by auto-accepting transactions across all your accounts. Choose which accounts you want to review in detail.
  • Receive premier customer service: Solve any Quicken 2012 questions immediately with free support. Plus, no more call backs, get connected on your first call.
  • View in large font: Choose the most comfortable view with alternate font sizes.
  • Convert foreign currency: Know the current value of foreign currency accounts with automatic currency rate downloads. 

We’ve designed Quicken to meet your needs:

  • Quicken Starter Edition ($29.99): For consumers who want a simple way to organize their finances and stay on top of bills
  • Quicken Deluxe ($59.99): For those who want to save more; helps create custom budget, savings and debt reduction plans.
  • Quicken Premier ($89.99): For those who manage investments and want to plan ahead for tax time.
  • Quicken Home & Business ($99.99): For people who want to manage their business and personal finances in the same place
  • Quicken Rental Property Manager ($149.99): For rental property owners looking to manage their personal, business and rental property finances in one place.

Quicken 2012 is available for purchase or download directly from Intuit at and at a store near you.

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  1. Thomas Marshall

    I just ordered Quicken Deluxe, and downloaded it. I need to get a refund because my computer does not have enough memory to run the program according to a message on my screen. How do I do that without stopping payent on the charge card??

    • Gary Klein

      For anyone in this situation and using a desktop computer, please consider simply upgrading your memory. Most computers even 10 years old are capable of managing 1 gigabyte or more of memory and replacing it is relatively straight forward. Best of all, it is also a relatively cheap way to make your computer load and run your other programs faster at the same time so it is to your benefit to upgrade anyway. The high end cost of 1 GB of memory is about $40. and depending on what type of memory you have, it may be much cheaper than that.

      If you don’t have the skills to do it yourself, I would be willing to bet you have a friend who will do it for not much more than a cup of coffee.

      Notice that I specified “desktop” computers above because Notebooks and laptops are trickier and you really need to know what you are doing to open one of those up and work on it. You might want to consider taking it to some place like Best Buy and asking what they would charge to upgrade your memory.

      Here, again, if you have less than 1 GB of memory, your computer will run everything much faster if your upgrade to one or even two gigabytes of memory and I suspect that you will find it well worth the money.

  2. Don’t do it. it is still too buggy. fixed the issue with not picking up electronic payments into budget, totally messed up budget views

    • Quicken Kathryn

      Hi Gary, we’d like to know more about the issues you’re having with the budget views–we’ve just redesigned this feature in Quicken 2012–you can post your feedback here: and it will be reviewed by our developers–

  3. Any word on a Mac version? Will there Be a Quicken for Mac 2012? This blog has been silent on the Mac version of Quicken now for months.

    • Quicken Kathryn

      Hi R. Mansfield, we typically don’t pre-announce products as things may change throughout the product creation process–however, we’d love to hear what features you’d like to see in a Mac product–you can post your feedback here:

  4. Robert Timmons

    I would love to try if I could only get it installed! I have searched online support and the community with no luck. Are these my only options?

  5. John Thomas

    Since upgrading to Quicken 2012 updates from my financial institution have stopped working. It continues to say the quicken server is too busy try later. I am thinking of looking for a refund and going back to 2011. Any suggestions before I dump this product?

    • Quicken Kathryn

      Hi John, this is likely a temporary issue, but you should try this FAQ: or contacting support.

    • I am so mad that I upgraded to Quicken 2012. I cannot find my downloads from the finanicial institutions. The data won’t go past 2011 which was needed, but this is 2012 and I will need this data.
      I would like to go back to an older, user friendly vesion where I can find my data.

      • Quicken Kathryn

        Hi winnie, sorry you’re having trouble–you might have restored an older backup when you upgraded–please contact our support folks for more help–I’m sure they can figure out the issue–HTH

  6. Rick Flournoy

    Is there an app to sync quicken on my desktop to an iphone or android OS phone? I currently use PocketQuicken on my Palm OS phone and love it. Would like to upgrade to a newer version of smartphone, but can’t bear to let go of my pocketquicken app.

  7. George Cavaliere

    I have been using Quicken 2001 and would like to update but need to know if 2012 will be able to update my data.

  8. Will there soon be a Lion compatible version of Quicken? I’ve been using 2006 and Turbotax for years, and Essentials just doesn’t have the capabilities, especially with investment tracking. It should also work with iPhone and iPad.

    • Quicken Kathryn

      Hi John, outside of Quicken Essentials, there are no other Quicken products compatible with Lion right now–but rest assured, we’ll let users know about any future developments.

  9. Patrick Carroll

    Were any changes in 2012 version specifically targeted at the business functionality of Quicken, specifically in the Invoicing and Payments processing?

  10. I what to update my Tax Planner. Have used your product for years Very time I click to change some all that comes up is text that make no sense to me

  11. Ron Werchan

    our old computer crashed and it had an old version of Quicken which my wife uses to keep up with our bank accounts (not online) We boought quicken 2012 and rebuilt the accounts by entering old checks and deposits. When we closed, the data was lost. We are not sure what you have to do at the end of each session of entering checks. We don’t want to tie into our banks online, but when we try to update accounts, it says that we are not connected to internet. How are we supposed to log off without loosing the data that we just entered? It would be nice if there was an instruction manual that comes with Quicken.

    • Quicken Kathryn

      Hi Ron, information you enter in Quicken is automatically saved when you close–could it be that you’re opening a new data file instead of the existing one? The best thing to get you situated in the new program would be to head to our online community:–they can help pinpoint what’s going on and help you fix it–HTH–

  12. I bought a MAC recently and would like to use Quicken for home and business…
    Any ideas on software that would be compatible with my MAC? Thanks, Jan

  13. I am new to Quicken and would like some individual tutoring. I am in the western suburbs of chicago.Thank you.

  14. After upgrading from Quicken 2010 to Quicken 2012, the Network Report not longer balances to the “Accounts Net Worth’ on left hand column

  15. James Rozmus

    I forgot my password to have access to Quicken. How do I get rid of the unknown password and then use 2012 and place a new password that I will write down. Thanks for any help you can be.

  16. I cannot believe that you released this new version of Quiken 2012 and you cannot download banking transactions without getting an error! It is one of he main features and it still is not working.

  17. I have been a Quicken user for over 2 decades. I was forced to upgrade to 2012 from 2009 because Intuit would no longer support downloads if I didn’t. I (and others) have had major issues with the Q2012 budgeting “upgrade”. See other threads on this subject to see I am not in a minority. This morning when Quicken loaded it asked if I wanted to go to “this new Blog”. Quicken Kathryn – a question for you. Why doesn’t Intuit address the hundreds of comments about the Mint/Quicken merger and the now lack of budget functionality that has been the engine that made Quicken such a wonderful product in the past? There seems to be a lack of understanding on Q/I part on the major fact that they are losing past and future customers (read revenue here) due to this lack of response. Kathryn? Are you there? Please give us some valid feedback and not direct us to another Quicken “support” link or ask “what are your issues”. There have been enough comments/responses from other users that you should be able see the problem.

    • Quicken Kathryn

      Hi Alan, we know many users are upset with the budgeting feature in 2012, and we are collecting all of this feedback–we unfortunately can’t address every post on the topic, but we do hear and understand your feedback–HTH

    • I support Alan’s concern. I have been a Quicken user since the very beginning, more than 3 decades. The inability to adjust budgets retroactively in Q12 has made the budget feature useless to me. I’m now exporting to spreadsheets to generate good good reports or changing the computer date setting to adjust the budget. Neither work-around solution is acceptable. As an accountant, I use to recommend Quicken to many other non-accounting people. I no longer can do that. Please fix this soon.

      • Quicken Kathryn

        Hi Kay–thanks for your feedback–we do understand your concerns, and we are taking all of this feedback to our developers.

  18. I also am not happy with the 2012 “upgrade.” So much has been moved around and made inconvenient that the program now appears to be harder to use than a simple spreadsheet and my bank software. I liked 2009. Why can’t you leave well enough alone?

    • Quicken Kathryn

      Hi MU,
      Sorry you’re not liking 2012–there were a lot of changes between the older and newer versions, but everything you need is still there! If you’d like to tell us more about what you don’t like, please visit our feedback community so we can collect your feedback. Thanks–

  19. Why, or why doesn’t Quicken publish a simple Users’ Guide to accompany the new Quicken Deluxe 2012 program? And I don’t mean a 10-page “Getting Started” summary. I have managed to get the program to work for me, but almost everything is an unnecessarily time-consuming trial and error process.

    • Quicken Kathryn

      Hi Roy, sorry you’re having trouble–the in-product help has a lot of extra details on the program; you might also try our Live Community–there are a lot of long-time Quicken users there who should be able to help you – HTH

  20. I have been trying to get 2012 to work with bank downloads since last Nov and nobody ever responds just the same crap download and attach a new OFX log and new connlog and then they never fix anything this is the worst software and support I have ever had

    • Quicken Kathryn

      Hi billobri, sorry you’re having issues–issues with specific banks and users can take some time to resolve, but I know your issue has been escalated to our bank team–hopefully this will be resolved soon. HTH

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