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Oct 6, 2011
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  1. shirleen sturtz

    I haventer a new acct and my downloads go to an old acct. How do I x it and how do I transfer the already downloaded tranactions to the currect acct

    • Quicken Kathryn

      Hi Shirleen, try posting this issue to our Quicken Live Community–our expert users should be able to help you with this–

  2. i purchased quicken cash manager online i recieved confirmation of order printed off reciept now i cant down load online could somebody help me thanks

  3. I don’t plan to upgrade again until there is an iPad version.
    Mint doesn’t cut it – please develop something that will allow me to keep track of my accounts as well as pay my bills.

  4. Stacy Forman

    How do I stopthe introductory tune that plays everytimeI open Quicken????

    • Quicken Kathryn

      Hi Stacy, try this: Edit–>Preferences–>Setup, then uncheck “Turn On Quicken Sounds” – HTH

  5. Just want to know how Quicken Essentials for Mac stackes up against the 2004 Quicken for Mac…. Is it just about the same or completely new??? Have to get a new program if I upgrade to Lion OS

  6. William Turnbull

    I upgraded to Quicken 2012 and it shuts down leaving an error message that indicates there is problem with the Data Execution prevention. Help

  7. Luann Methvin

    Please, please, please make an app for iPad or iPhone!!!!!! I love
    Quicken, and having it on my iPhone would just make my life so easy
    I know others out there feel the same way.

  8. I’m trying to archive files and create a year-end-copy but all the years are still on the file. What am I doing wrong?

  9. I have an annuity. Can I link Quicken to that annuity to determine my net worth?

  10. I want to set up an account for the income property. This property is owned by me and my friend, all mortgage payment and expenses are 50% sharing. How do I set-up an account for this. I want to include it on my quicken but only the 50% or my share/part. Please help.
    Thank you.

  11. Will Quicken ever have the feature of high-lighting or selecting a column of amounts with the mouse and Quicken will quickly and temporarily display the total of the amounts? (Like Excel) It would be handy after selecting a sub set of the data using search.

    • Quicken Kathryn

      Hi Don, we’re always working to improve the program–you can post your suggestion at and it will go right to our developers. In the meantime, you may be able to get the desired result with a customized report. HTH

  12. Steven Dewey

    I have lost the ability to use Quicken Home Inventory with Q 2012. How can I fix this?

  13. Quicken Online backup has stopped working, and I can’t find any way to get help.

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