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Using Money to Buy Time

By on Dec 29, 2011 in Tips, Tips Featured | 0 Comments

Time is more important than money. You think that you know this, but you probably don’t act on it as much as you could. If you spend your time buying material things, then you are using up the one thing that can make you happy (time) on things that definitely don’t make you happy (stuff).

In terms of happiness, time matters a lot more than money. The most important factors of happiness are: The quality and intensity of your relationships, how often you have sex, and how much sleep you get, which all come from an investment in time,…

4 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Future Earning Potential

By on Dec 21, 2011 in Tips, Tips Featured | 0 Comments

The best way to harness earning power, no matter what your age, is to understand the factors that go into it. For example, most people who have careers that are plateauing usually have a learning problem that manifests itself as an earning problem.

For parents, schooling discussions are really earning discussions. You can say that children with a love of learning are lifelong learners, but truly, who wants an unemployed Ph.D candidate? You don't want a lawyer who can't get a job because of poor social skills and you don't want a kid with…

Practice Now for Salary Negotiations in January

By on Dec 12, 2011 in Tips | 0 Comments

The number-one month for getting a job is January, so start preparing now.

Negotiating your salary is a moment in life when you can literally earn $10,000 in a minute. One slip and you lose thousands.

Salary negotiations, when done well, are largely scripted. Now is the time to start rehearsing, so that when the time comes, your performance will be flawless.

Here are four basic rules of salary negotiation:

Don’t disclose your pay requirements during the interview process.

The first person to provide numbers establishes the range. Interviewers always want you to disclose your requirements first. If you give a…

December is the Time For Getting a Raise

The best time to think about getting a raise is in December. This isn’t because it’s a time of year when people give promotions, but because it’s NOT a time when people give promotions.

In order to get a raise, you need to plan carefully. The idea behind this is so that by the time you get to your performance review at the beginning of next year, your boss has already adjusted the P&L to account for your new salary.

December is the perfect time to begin preparing. The most obvious preparation you should do in this regard is…

‘Tis the Season for Buying: Why Not Buy Happiness?

By on Nov 28, 2011 in Tips | 0 Comments

The holidays are here and ’tis the season for buying. I could tell you not waste any money buying gifts this holiday season, but that’s not going to work. Of course you are going to spend money on gifts for holidays. I could also tell you that if you are giving in order to feel good about giving, then the best thing to give is an unexpected compliment, not an expected gift.

Since it’s gift-giving season, you’re going to spend money in order to (hopefully!) make the recipient happy. The general rule of thumb is this department is that money cannot…

Celebrating Thanksgiving is Good for Your Finances

By on Nov 21, 2011 in Splash Featured | 0 Comments

Thanksgiving is a great time for your finances because practicing gratitude is good for your earning power. Of course, not everyone is a happy camper around the Thanksgiving table, and the holidays don’t always bring out the best in everyone. Every family has their own drama, but the mere act of going to a Thanksgiving meal is acknowledging the custom of gratitude on Thanksgiving.

The research about gratitude and its impact on personal finance is powerful, and changing your outlook on life can change your financial health. Here’s how:

1. Focus on Gratitude

If you write a list of…